The Latin phrase "Scientia est potentia" literally means "knowledge is power". It is this phrase that inspired the name Potentialytics and the concept of a denials management analytics system built on a normalized business intelligence environment, architected specifically for data utilization and visualization. Potentialytics delivers knowledge.

Although we are a business, Potentialytics more importantly, is a team of people.  Each of the Potentialytics staff members have been hand selected not only for their expertise but for their dedication to delivering value to customers.  We know the difference between a sale and providing value to you.

Who We Are

Potentialytics was founded in 2013 after countless requests from customers to provide rapid delivery of analytical solutions for financial challenges.  Our background in software development, business intelligence systems and EMR online education gave us the natural tools to create Potentialytics.    We have become known for compassion, our vision, and the ability to deliver relevant analytical solutions quickly,  Our value to you is realized in nearly instant return on investment through the discovery of actionable financial patterns.